The property management is one of the services that are availed by the owners who are looking forward to stabilizing their income and also likes to get rid of everyday hassles face by them in dealing with rental owners. It is a boon for the future property owners, who would like to subscribe to them once it becomes hard for them to manage their properties.

We, are here to manage all kinds of properties for you.

How does it work?

We are here to help you with our technical and administrative maintenance for the apartments. We can help with sourcing tenants, preparing tenants contracts and related support services, accounting, complaint management etc.

Our robust on line system helps you to be informed on your property monitor your property matters anytime

Our offerings in property management services:

  • Finding new tenants and try to retain the old ones by renewing their contracts
  • Performing credit checks on the tenants as we are one of the authorized companies to conduct these checks. It is essential as the same will reduce the risk of non-paying tenants and renting your esteemed property to defaulters.
  • Our system can minimize the voids of ineffective services in renting. The average occupancy rates maintained by us in the long term is amount to 98%.
  • We record all the communication with the tenants
  • Spare keys registrations for every property units
  • Prepare the insurance contracts and also monitors their renewal terms and revised rent.
  • Conduct tenants check-in and check-out formalities.
  • Regular inspection of the property and look for the improvement in structural conditions.
  • The arrangement of cleaning services of premises, personal assistant and security of the building.
  • 24-hours operation of hotline numbers.

How much does any property management company charges for its services?

Once you agree to proceed with us, we will help you with a tailor-made contract having everything mentioned about the property.

Advantages of enrolling with property management services?

We help you with all the communications with authorities, maintenance people, utility suppliers, tenants, etc. while you communicate with only one company.

We ensure high reliability and collection of timely rental income.

Our software can help you with the online reporting system at any hour of the day.

Additional Services:

Insurance: We liaise with the local insurance to bring the best deal for you.

Architectural and renovation services: We do ensure complete supervision services for you which means we can help you with construction and architectural supervision.

Tax and Accountant Consultancy: Our company will help you in incurring minimum tax on your investment yields.

Legal Services: We also can help you with legal issues related to property and business laws. Our company can help you with liquidation and establishment of your companies.

Feel free to reach us out and for your queries and we will be more than happy to help you out.